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Bounzy! is a Breakout RPG on Android in the US right now


Bounzy! is a Breakout RPG mashup with a hint of Space Invaders by the team behind Six! and it just launched on Android. It seems limited to the US Google Play for now though, but we assume it will roll out elsewhere soon enough.

In Bounzy!, you play as a wizard who has to defeat hordes of enemies by firing spells at them. This is where it’s a bit like Breakout, as you can rebound spells off walls and enemies to create combos.


Each time you fire off a spell, the enemies all move one space forward on a grid, and you have to make sure they don’t get close to your wall. If they do, they’ll attack it, and it’s game over if they manage to destroy it.

Complete a level, and you’ll get a chest full of gems and coins you can spend on upgrades. You can increase your attack, defence, and unlock more powerful spells.

And that’s pretty much all there is to it. If you like Breakout, RPGs, or Wizorb, you’ll absolutely love this. Grab it right now on Google Play US.

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