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The Walking Dead: March to War has entered soft launch

The Walking Dead: March to War

The Walking Dead: March to War is an upcoming survival game based on the hit zombie TV show. It challenges you to build a settlement to bring some semblance of normality to people’s lives.

You’ll train survivors, build infirmaries to heal the wounded, and ensure you have enough food to feed everyone.

It’s a lot like Fallout Shelter really. You can send survivors to raid enemies, gather supplies, or defend your settlement. Each survivor has a class which gives them unique abilities, so you’ll have to pick the right people for the job.

The Walking Dead: March to War

You can choose popular characters from the TV show to lead your settlement, and each one will provide different gameplay. Rick might try and always do what’s right, while Negan will rely on fear.

Forming an alliance is probably a good idea in this tough world. You can choose to fight other players, but it’s probably best to rely on them instead.

The Walking Dead: March to War is available right now on Google Play in soft launch, with the full launch to follow shortly. We’ll keep you posted.

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