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Snakebyte is launching a Netflix for games on Android

Snakebyte Game Store

Snakebyte is launching a Netflix-style subscription service for Android that lets you to bag a ton of games for just $5 each month. It will launch later this year.

You can install the service on any Android device, and it’s cross compatible with up to three of them. That means you can play on your tablet, but pick up where you left off later on your phone.

After paying, you’ll have access to every single game in the store. Snakebyte claims that includes retro classics and modern games from “all the major publishers”. Certain games will be compatible with controllers and playable on Android TV.


Snakebyte’s Netflix for games

Snakebyte will test all games as well, to ensure they have no malicious software or IAPs and ads. If you really hate the trappings of free to play, this could definitely be the service for you.

In situations where the games were already free, you’ll get rewarded with virtual currency just for playing. That could help keep the costs much lower than they would have been otherwise.

There’s no harm in trying though, and Snakebite is offering a 15 day trial of the service when it launches later this year.

We’ll keep you posted about an exact release date, but for now you can follow Snakebyte on Twitter and Facebook to find out right away.

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  • primalxconvoy

    Hope these games are all hardware controller and android tv compatible.

    • Sourbelly

      What this guy said!!

  • Sourbelly

    Both the Facebook page and Twitter page have been taken down. Does this mean Snakebyte has decided against this?