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5 Android stories you should have read this week

Durango Android

As we mentioned yesterday, this was a truly blockbuster week for Android. Not only in terms of releases though, as we discovered a bunch of exciting upcoming games.

But lets not spoil the surprise, eh? Read on for the top five Android stories you should have read this week.

Garfield GO launched out of nowhere on Android

Garfield is the next franchise to have a go at stealing Pokemon GO‘s crown. Garfield GO is also an AR hunting game, but you’re seeking food instead of monsters.

The best part about this, is that you can earn prizes with real money value just by playing. It seems to mostly be vouchers for Pizza Hut and Amazon, but that’s still pretty great.

Check it out on Google Play right now.

Garfield GO!

A new entry in the Angry Birds franchise launched

Angry Birds pretty much kicked off mobile, and we’ve seen them do a wide variety of things since then. There have been RPGs, kart racers, and match three puzzlers – not to mention a movie.

But Angry Birds Evolution feels a little closer to home. It’s like a turn-based RPG, except you use the catapult mechanic from the original games to battle opponents. You’ll collect birds, level them up, and evolve them.

If you like the franchise, you should definitely check this one out on Google Play now.

Supercell announced a brand new IP

Supercell announced a brand new IP this week in Brawl Stars. It’s a multiplayer battler that takes a lot of cues from MOBAs, but relaxes the winning requirements to make it work on mobile.

The focus is on 3v3 multiplayer battles that play similarly to MOBAs, but come with a variety of different objectives. Some are simply killing the most people, while others involve stealing crystals.

We’ll keep you posted with a Brawl Stars release date.

The Walking Dead: March to War soft launched

The Walking Dead: March to War is an upcoming survival game inspired by Fallout Shelter. You have to build your own survival camp for the last few people on earth and defend it from zombies.

You can choose popular characters from the TV series to act as leader, and each come with their own playing style. You can play it nice like Rick or nasty like Negan.

The Walking Dead: March to War has soft launched on Google Play, but we’re not sure in which territory. See if you can download it.

The survival MMORPG Durango will launch in winter this year

We found out that Nexon’s upcoming survival MMORPG Durango will launch in winter this year. It seems to borrow heavily from Monster Hunter and Don’t Starve, with you living a second life in a primitive world.

You can either hunt dinosaurs or build settlements – the scope for stuff to do here is just enormous. You can also craft weapons and useful items, or just sit around and do nothing. The world’s your oyster.

We’ll keep you posted on further announcements.

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