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Martial Arts Brutality is a gory tactical card battler in beta

Martial Arts Brutality

If you love the likes of Bruce Lee, Martial Arts Brutality is the game for you. It’s a tactical card battler in which you build a deck of technique cards and use them against your opponents.

Each card specifies a different move, and you can upgrade them to do more damage. You can also collect special cards that let you perform hidden arts like Chi strikes and Dim Mak techniques. For those who don’t know, that’s where the death punch comes from.

The goal here is to injure your opponent as much as possible by inflicting horrific injuries. Seriously, the lighthearted need not apply. You’ll select an attack, then perform it with a series of taps and swipes.

Martial Arts Brutality is an apt title

You can chose from a variety of fighting styles as well, from Wing Chun to Taekwondo. If you have a famous martial artist, check out their style and chances are its there.

When a battle’s over, you can watch the full replay in real time to see your excellent fighting ability. Oh, and the horror you inflicted on your opponent.

There’s a multiplayer mode as well, which allows up to eight players to duke it out in a tiny arena. Teeth will fly.

If that sounds like fun to you, go and grab the beta version of Martial Arts Brutality, which is out now on Google Play.

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