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Better gyms and coop battles are coming to Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is about to receive its biggest update yet, that will completely revamp the experience in time for summer. So if you were looking for an excuse to get back into it, here’s your chance.

Revised gyms are already here. Now, you can visit friendly gyms to nab unique items and badges, which you can level up to get better rewards at all gyms.

A controlling team can now also select six Pokemon to guard the game, with challenging players facing them in the order placed. There’s a new motivation system as well, that drops a Pokemon’s CP after a defeat or a particular duration spent defending.

This gives other players a better chance at winning back the gym, though you can mitigate it by feeding Pokemon berries. For some reason, these help keep your Pokemon motivated.

Coop gameplay is coming to Pokemon GO

A feature fans have been crying out for is also on the way. That’s right, coop gameplay! When the next update rolls out, you can play raid battles with friends.

During a raid battle, a boss will temporarily take control of a gym. It’s them up to all players to work together to defeat the boss, earning rewards for doing so. That also includes the opportunity to catch the boss.

You can run raid battles in a private group as well. You simply have to generate a code, and share it with friends to do so. Easy peasy.

The gym update has already rolled out, and we’ll keep you posted on the raid battles. In the meantime, go and grab Pokemon GO from Google Play to get reacquainted.

Now is also a great time to sign up for Pokemon GO Fest, a real life event held in Chicago’s Grant Park on July 22nd. Grab your ticket here.

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