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Play any PC game on your Android device with LiquidSky


So that headline reads like complete and utter clickbait, doesn’t it? Well, we’ve got good news – it’s not just clickbait, it’s completely true, and all courtesy to LiquidSky 2.0.

LiquidSky is a brand new streaming service that lets you play PC games from nearly any storefront on your phone or tablet. The current line up includes your Steam, Humble, Origin, GoG, and Blizzard libraries.

You don’t need to own a PC either, as LiquidSky will set up a virtual one for you. How powerful it is depends on the subscription model you opt for.

LiquidSky provides a complete virtual gaming PC on your phone

Entry level is free, and provides you with up to three hours with a machine capable of running most games in 1080p and 60 frames per second. You will have to watch ads to access it.

Pay for the subscription though, and you can grab the Pro or Elite machines, which can easily surpass that. The subscription starts at just under $10, and removes ads completely. Different subscription tiers also provide increasing storage options.

Effectively, you’re paying to own a virtual PC on any Android device, and of varying power. We think that sounds absolutely fantastic – especially considering you only need about 20mbps of internet to run it.

You can learn more on the official site.

Thanks for the info, Engadget!

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  • Funem

    I’m pretty sure this is not new I had this back in 2014 when it started out.

    • Funem
      • LiquidSky is not new, but 2.0 is. I did clarify in the first paragraph.

        • Funem

          Yeh but you kinda stepped on that with your second paragraph… “LiquidSky is a brand new streaming service “

  • Promo Grabber

    There’s an hourly use fee on top of the monthly subscription fee. Screw that noise.

    • Funem

      That’s why I couldn’t be bothered with it in the past and for different levels of gaming the cost was higher that’s why the prices listed say “Starts at”

      How it works (from the FAQ)
      In this example (considering you are using the Gamer Performance Mode where 1 SkyCredit = 1 minute of use) you would be charged 90 SkyCredits because you will be using your SkyComputer for 90 minutes. For the same session on Pro Performance Mode (where one minute of use takes 2 SkyCredits) you would be charged 180 SkyCredits.

      • Promo Grabber

        You looked further into it than I did. I just looked at their pricing table o’ bullshit.

        All I needed to see was the additional per hour cost under each monthly tier to do the math and know this is NOT a “Netflix-style service.” You couldn’t run a Netflix style service for gaming if every person using the service has to have access an individual gaming-grade PC to stream content from.

        The only reason Sony is able to operate PS Now for PS4 gamers is because they built customer server racks with special “custom PS3 system blades” installed into them.

        If LiquidSky was doing anything close to this, each monthly subscription level blade would cost hundreds of dollars to handle the systems requirements of any newer game available on Steam, GOG or Blizzard.

        • Funem

          Anything that doesn’t have a set price but lists its prices as “as low as” sends out alarm bells to me.This will eventually go the same way as OnLive did as I cant see enough people paying to support it over the long run. The only plus it has over OnLive is you are playing games you own whereas OnLive you had to rent games so if this did go the same way as OnLive at least you wont lose your games. You need a really fast connection to play this with no lag which means I would be playing it at home in another room. My PC has an NVidia graphics card in it so I can already Stream to other devices like my Shield TV or with my non NVidia tablet I can Stream via the Moonlight app free on the Play Store, so what with the pricing I couldn’t be bothered with Liquid Sky as there were no benefits to what I already have.

          • I disagree – I think the pricing is excellent considering you’re getting a complete virtual PC powerhouse. And 20mbps is pretty standard at this point. That’s what you need to run the most powerful version.

            I applaud companies like this that are pushing games streaming forward. It’s going to save PC gamers an absolute ton in the long run, as you’re basically paying a monthly subscription for a regularly updated super computer. Besides, it has a free option!

            Fair enough, be sceptical. But streaming services aren’t exactly easy to run, or someone would have nailed it at this point. LiquidSky might not be as good as it will ever be, but this is clearly a massive leap in the right direction.

          • huckjam

            Hell yeah I agree its a massive leap in the right direction! Imagine just setting up your $100 smart tv and pairing a keyboard and mouse and you’re good to go. My point was I already own gaming hardware that provides me with way better service than this can provide so there is no reason for me to pay when im basically just interest if it works or not. But im definitely interested for the futur and if I didnt have a badass machine i would already be a customer or i would at least probably have a console.

          • Yeah, I’m with you. We’re still not quite there but I’d be inclined to support these guys cos I think they’re close. 🙂

          • Funem

            If you were paying by the month it would be ok, but you are paying by the hour and to play full games the rate is virtually doubled. The free option doesn’t work well as you don’t get it free you earn points to be spent which you earn at a really slow rate. Look deeper into it and all that glitters is not gold. I was with this years ago and it didn’t work.

  • mlj11

    What’s a good free (or at least not-so-freemium) alternative?

  • huckjam

    Did anyone get approved for the ad-supported version? I have quite a few friends who have signed up for this and nobody has gotten to try the free version. I’m not paying that nonsense to just try it out i still havn’t used my shields free month of streaming and i bought it at release day. I have a pc with these games already and moneys tight but im still curious because the tech could be game changing.

  • Bluegrass Ky

    You dummies are bitching about price? Liquidsky is a great value. Been a customer for over a year. Never buying a graphics card again. Them days are over.

    • I agree. It might not be a perfect implementation, but clearly a massive step in the right direction for games streaming. And as you say – this can save you a fortune on hardware!

  • primalxconvoy

    Are there any free games to try with this service? I am currently downloading the apk to see if it’s worth it, but I haven’t got any games of my own.

  • primalxconvoy

    Joined and tried to log in, which failed. the app doesn’t respond. Went to their website and there is no contact form or email given. Searching for “Delete Account” yielded a vague answer with “contact us” (with no links or explanation on how to actually contact them). Searching for “contact” yielded a vague request to “go to our forums”.

    Luckily, the account verification email is from their “contact” division, so I replied and asked them to delete my account.

    Seems like an unprofessional company with a poorly made app and even poorer customer contact/service.

    I went from interested to done with them in a few minutes.