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Virtua Tennis Challenge is out now as part of Sega Forever

Virtua Tennis Challenge

Sega Forever launched a few weeks ago, providing a selection of emulated Sega classics free on Android. Going forward, the plan is to launch new games every few weeks, and today we got the first offering – Virtua Tennis Challenge.

Virtua Tennis Challenge was already available on Android as a premium title. Sega has simply polished it up, dropped the price tag, and relaunched it on Android as part of the Forever initiative.

We’re not complaining though. This remains a stellar entry in the the Virtua Tennis franchise, with excellent touch controls, a campaign to beat, and all of your favourite courts to play on.

Virtua Tennis Challenge is the latest entry in the Sega Forever initiative

Sega Forever is a brand new initiative by Sega to bring its classics to mobile. The initial line up is made up mostly of Mega Drive games, but apparently any console’s line up is possible.

New games will launch every two weeks or so as well, and Virtua Tennis Challenge is the first of these.

So go ahead and grab it right now from Google Play for free. There’s the option to pay for the premium version if you’re not a fan of ads.

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  • Funem

    As with all these advert updated Sega releases, the restore purchases are broken for people who originally purchased them as they are releasing them as new games not updating the existing one. I pointed this out to support twice now and they were looking into it. The original was and this one is com.sega.vtc on this one clicking restore purchases takes you back to the play store page for the game. For Crazy Taxi they recommended installing the old version from you play history to get it add free. Sonic was also broken with restore purchases when they updated it. The new version works on my S7 but the old version is listed as not compatible,

    • Armaan Modi

      Geez that sucks.

  • Sherbert T Cat

    More typical half-assed, broken shit by Sega. They need to put themselves out of their misery and sell the company to Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony.

    • Funem

      Seriously I have emails back and forth to their support and they literally do not have a clue, I even pointed out what was wrong in the case of Crazy Taxi, the acknowledged that was the problem and they had released a new version when they should have done an update. They said they would rectify it for the next release and to play it ad free I would (and anyone else who purchased it already) have to play the old out of date version from your existing purchases (removed from the play store), they even updated the game description with this note ….. but nope they did it again. The old version of VT isn’t compatible with my current phone so I was hoping to install the new version, but you cant restore purchases on that one as its not the same play store game. One game, OK I may re-pay for it if its cheap, but I own most of the Sega games from when they came out, I’m not buying all of them again.

      • Sherbert T Cat

        Activision pulled a similar dick move with their Call of Duty Mobile games.
        Rather than update Black Ops Zombies, they released the same game, just to run on the newer versions of Android. Owners of the previous version were offered nothing for their trouble, and the new version is the exact same game as the old. The only reason I have the new version is because I spent leftover credit when it was down to a buck or so.