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Twitchy arcade score chaser The Firm is free right now

The Firm

The FirmĀ is a twitchy arcade high score chaser that simulates the working life of an employee in a mega corporation. It’s free for a week on Google Play, so go and grab it right now.

You play as a lowly employee, and work your way up the ranks right up to chairman. That’s no easy feat though, as you’ll need fast reflexes and ninja reflexes to react to the crazy happenings.

The Firm is entirely free on Google Play right now

Make too many mistakes though, and management will fire you. It’s pretty much like real life, just sped up. Or maybe not, I’ve never had a real job so I’m not really one to judge.

The visuals are lovingly retro as well, so if you love pixels and stuff like that you’re in for a real treat. So go and get it right now on Google Play.

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  • DatGreenGuy

    It costs $1,04 already :/

  • Noel Affonso

    I’m seeing it for 99 cents in the US Play store, no indication of a sale whatsoever.

  • Well, it says $1,04. When i read “the firm” i starting thinking about the tom cruise movie.

  • Jeff Lewis

    Not free. Try again