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Albion Online has finally launched on Android

Albion Online Android

The ambitious sandbox MMORPG Albion Online has finally launched on Android, following a lengthy beta period. You can grab the APK directly from the official site right now.

Albion Online is unique because it lets you live any type of virtual life you want to. You can still play it like a standard MMORPG, and run off and battle monsters like its going out of fashion.

If that’s not your cup of tea, you could instead live the life of a crafter. You’ll gather resources from the land and turn it into fancy armour and weapons, then sell it on for a profit to other players.

Albion Online has finally launched, following a lengthy beta

Here’s where it gets a little more ambitious though – you can also spend your time building cities and villages. When we said sandbox, we really meant it.

It’s also great that you can play Albion Online across PC, Mac, Linux, and, of course, Android. It’s all persistent as well – you’ll play alongside the same players in the same world no matter your device.

So go and grab the APK right now from the official site. Monster slaying, crafting, building, and epic PvP battles await.

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  • Daniele

    For free players 20 July?

    • Chris Schelstraete


      • Daniele


  • Lord Vader

    The game is not free…

  • Jayden

    Don’t forget to read 4.5.1 of the Terms & Conditions this game company banned my account for life last beta simply because I traded items across two games I quit Arche Age, gave away everything I had and then some, and someone gave me / gifted me currency over there on Albion which at the time I did not know was considered cheating, or illegal under the Terms & Conditions, but turns out that trading currency across games or for outside favors is illegal, now I have done this before in other games and never got banned for it so I assumed it was legal in Albion.

    . In General 4.5.1 says that you can’t accept large amounts of currency with nothing in return or they will assume you purchased it illegally with (REAL MONEY.) <— Click here for proof.

    What really pisses me off though is the fact I have spent $174 in a game that I can never play again simply because they accuse me of buying currency for real money even though I've explained to them in 5 support tickets asking them to go back and properly review my account, and the fact I have been a backer, and in good standing for 4 years in this game played since the first Alphas, never used any type of cheats, hacks, or exploits, but I get a life ban for making a simple mistake.

    I have to say this is the worst MMORPG I have ever played, worst customer service, especially when shown that no RMT was ever done, and especially when in previous beta tests players actually purchased currency for real money and got excused and just suspended from the game but not banned for life.

    As for the game being Free 2 play it really isn't if you don't pay for a premium subscription and if a crafter at least 3 characters as a premium subscription you are at a major disadvantage, and this game company has lost over $60 a month from me as I would have been paying them for 3 premium characters on my account every month.

    Oh and they argue about cheating by buying gold or currency illegally, so I know its illegal to buy from 3rd parties illegally, but their company sells gold to players isn't that defined as cheating and putting others at an unfair advantage to those who don't spend money?

    • Darren Wells

      Boo Hoo you bought 3rd party currency and got caught. Kids these days…

      • Jayden

        Thanks, but I don’t buy currency from 3rd parties only from SBI, Although SBI accused me as in 4.5.1 because a friend had me given what they consider a large amount of currency in favor for all the stuff I gave them on another game.

        This was still illegal but I never paid real money, and SBI lies really pisses me off especially when they don’t review counter evidence as their TOS says you can submit, and I am a 4 year backer with no previous infractions.

        Keep in mind that SBI could have simply lifted the ban after I told them exactly what I did and let me play on release because beta was wiped and I would not have ever exchanged currency across games again but they never really made it clear besides in their TOS that trading for outside favors was illegal or between two games.

        Keep in mind that if you review 4.5.1 yourself if you get a large amount of resources or currency you could get accused too unless you give something of Equal Value in return.

        And screw gold farmers, I hate the no good for nothing cheating bots and spam in chat I had to put up with them in Lineage 2 many years ago.

    • Moeed Ahmad

      I am not sure if you should be banned or not, but whatever keep tying again and again. They will surely be annoyed by that and may unban you. 🙂

      • Jayden

        Well thanks only thing I can keep doing is trying to appeal as a 4 year customer I just don’t feel it’s right . So I will keep trying, as for three of the communities I am in we all dropped the game and support until their company can treat it’s customers or gamers better rather than accusing them as 4.5.1 says they will do, and I can’t be lying about that because it’s on their own website in their terms when you sign up .

        At least plenty of people will be aware of this and their terms that makes you guilty before innocent on large trades.

  • Ionut M

    white screen on install

  • Moeed Ahmad

    Will this game be free to play after few days? Or it will be only playable after buying starter packs?

    • Marc “LokiFM” Stikkelman

      They scrapped free-to-play completely, the game is buy2play and the lowest price atm is 30$.

      • Moeed Ahmad

        Any chance for it to become free in future?Its hard to pay before trying.

    • primalxconvoy

      You have to pay a minimum of 23-30 dollars to play…on a mobile game.

      RIP, Albion Online…

      (I bet it will ome back om the dead as the opposte; a P2W POS, full of cheating little kids).

  • primalxconvoy

    Currently downloading this to my Shield Tv. I hope it’s mouse compatible at least.