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It looks like Ristar is the next Sega Forever title


Sega has teased the next Forever title, which is due this week, and it’s quite clearly Ristar. If you don’t believe us, take a look at the tweet below and compare it with the hero’s arms in our featured image.

Ristar is a 2D platformer in a similar vein to the Sonic or Mario games with one key difference – you use your arms to project yourself through the level, rather than run and jump.

Combat is pretty cool too. Ristar grabs an enemy, then propels himself through the air to headbutt them. Given how pointy a star’s head is, I’d say that’s probably pretty painful.

Ristar is likely to be the next Sega Forever title, out this week on Android

In case you don’t know what Sega Forever is, it’s a new initiative by Sega to port its classics onto mobile. It’s mostly been Genesis games so far, with the exception of the Dreamcast’s Virtua Tennis.

Apparently we’re going to get games from across Sega’s entire portfolio, so a Skies of Arcadia and Shenmue port isn’t out of the question. Make it happen, Sega!

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  • Sherbert T Cat

    But are they ever going to fix the damned emulation?
    …It Sega, so of course they won’t.

    • According to TouchArcade, it seems they’re working on the emulation issues. It’s not clear what or if they’ve fixed anything, but hopefully Ristar will answer some questions!

      • Funem

        I wish they worked this like an emulator and some of the other emulated game collections you can get like Spectaculator (ZX Spectrum Emulator). You have the one application and buy the games from within that application as IAP’s. The way it is now you have probably got the same emulator engine installed for each copy of the games you buy. Having them work from within a single app would cut down the size and, they would only have to maintain one update. They did this for the Sega Megadrive and Genesis Classics game on the PC (Steam) and that has nearly 60 games in it. Maybe they should have a word with the Retroarch developers (highly unlikely I know) as they nailed the emulation as far as I know.

        • Have you read this?

          I think they tried to work with Retroarch but couldn’t reach a deal. They didn’t want the Retroarch branding anywhere and they wouldn’t budge on that so they went with Unity instead.

          I completely agree though. I think everyone would have preferred a single app with a bunch of retro classics on it. Kind of like Netflix for games! I also think the selection Sega has made so far has been very poor. I feel like they could have made a statement by dropping something like Shenmue or Skies of Arcadia instead of the same stuff we already had on mobile.

          • Funem

            Thanks I had not seen that article, its a shame really. Its also seem partly to to with the general public licence that Retroarch works under. I agree with you regarding the selections they are making, I was looking for more new Dreamcast titles but I guess they would limit the devices that could run them more than Megadrive and Master system games they seem to be releasing. Afterburner, Chu Chu Rocket and Jet Set Radio I guess would be coming soon to the forever line-up as they also has been released previously and have since been withdrawn from the app stores. Shenmue would be a interesting pick, it has a big fan base.

          • Funem

            Add SoulCalibur and MonkeyBall to the list as they looks like they have been removed from the play store as well.

  • Funem

    I have played a lot of Sega games, can honestly say I don’t think I have ever played this on any platform. May give it a go as its free and only pay to remove adverts.
    Its out now so here is a link for all those interested…