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Shrek Sugar Fever is a match three puzzler out now

Shrek Sugar Fever

You know what we don’t see enough of on Android? Match three puzzlers based on a hit film licence. Yes, I’m being sarcastic – we totally do, and Shrek Sugar Fever is yet another, out now.

So what sets Shrek Sugar Fever apart? Well, aside from the Shrek licence, not very much. It’s your typical 150 level strong match three puzzler with power ups to use, bosses to defeat, and characters to collect.

Shrek Sugar Fever is yet another licenced match three puzzler out now on Android

Basically, you’re going to have to really like match three puzzlers or Shrek to get anything out of this. And if you do – all the power to you.

To its credit, it is absolutely gorgeous. The colourful visuals really pop, and the 3D character models that interact with you while you play are well animated. It’s a nice touch.

So at the very least, you’ll get a well polished match three puzzler based on a solid licence. If that sounds good to you, go and grab Shrek Sugar Fever on Google Play right now. There’s no shame in it.

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  • Sherbert T Cat

    “Donkey, my pebbles!”

  • Funem

    They are bit late using Shrek as an IP to move a game, wasn’t the last film about seven years ago.

    • Sherbert T Cat

      Yeah. Why not a more relevant IP, like Food Fight? That had horrible cash grab built into the premise.

  • Noel Affonso

    We can always count on consistent posts from Sherbert and Funem! As for the game itself, I’m not sure whether I’m more apathetic towards the license, or the match-3 gameplay. Yawn.

    • Funem

      You have to comment as its quiet round here otherwise. Personally I get worried when I see an IAP for £99 on this type of game as its usually an indicator of skewed games mechanics to push you towards the IAP’s. There have been some good articles about this by game developers over the years and how they ultimately break the games they develop as it hinders updating games (that’s why so many smaller games with IAP’s don’t get as many updates)

      • The way I view free to play is, I either pay with my time or my wallet. I’ve got no problem with games that allow you to achieve everything by paying nothing (albeit slowly) while others pay to progress quickly.

        When it becomes an issue, is when you hit paywalls. If you literally can’t progress until you pay some cash to upgrade your armour or something, that’s a huge red flag. It suggest the difficulty is artificial, and only designed to encourage you to pay. Also, how many times will you have to pay until you see the end?

        Basically, free to play isn’t inherently bad – it’s all in the implementation. There are plenty of premium games that get it wrong too by overpricing.

        • Funem

          I wholeheartedly agree with you that it basically come down to how they are implemented, when it impacts game-play, thats when I have an issue with them. Usually though when there are IAP’s for £99 and some I have seen for £199 then its a good indicator that there is going to be an impact on the gameplay.