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Asphalt 8: Airborne has just got bikes, 4 years after launch

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Here’s an odd thing. Just over four years since launch, the Burnout-style racer Asphalt 8 has just got a massive update adding motorcycles.

The likes of the Suzuki GSX-R750, KTM 1290 Super Duke R, Ducati Monster 1200, and more two wheeled speedsters are now available.

Not only that, but a new Moto Blitz game mode lets you take advantage of the new vehicles. It’s a special career mode that provides a bunch of new challenges aimed squarely at bikes.

You can now race with two wheels instead of four in Asphalt 8

It wouldn’t be a massive update without a special event or two, and this doesn’t disappoint. They all take the form of races, and you can win special bikes for participating.

Wrapping up the update is two new cars – The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 Edition and the Peugeot RCZ R – and a new fusion system. You can now swap spare cards in your inventory for special pro boxes.

If you love motorcycle racing, now might be a good time to give Asphalt 8 another try. So go ahead and grab it right now from Google Play.

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  • Tegra pokemon

    Nintendo switch please

    • primalxconvoy

      Er, IGN is down the corridor, between the special needs reading centre and the torette’s syndrome self help group.

      THIS discussion is for all the adults interested in ANDROID.

  • Sherbert T Cat

    Back when I had an Android stick-PC, I actually used to play this on a 50-something inch TV. It looked rather good on a larger screen.

    • Funem

      Never tried this on the big screen. Real Racing 3, looks great on the TV, navigating the games menu is a pig though with no touch input.

      • Sherbert T Cat

        RR3 is great, because its the closest thing we have to a proper Nascar game.

  • Funem

    Not sure what struck me first, the game is getting bikes or the fact that the game is four years old already… four years… wow time flies, so do the cars in the game actually. May have to reinstall it to see how the bikes play. It does look like the stunts on the bike were ripped out of Riptide GP though.

  • Funem

    Oh and Psssttt…
    Monument Valley 2 Pre-register for release….. Just Saying 🙂

  • Armaan Modi

    I have installed this game a lot of times but never kept it for long ,as the graphics look old now and I always feel that I’ll play Asphalt 9 when it releases.

  • Szymon Bomski

    This game is too old.Bitch please,Gameloft must make asphalt 9 .In premium style,not freemium-this kill all gameplay in game.

  • ruderomeo

    can see bikes,but can’t yet ride them o_0

  • Showtime516

    How do I update it on fire stick

  • Showtime516

    Do I have 2 reinstall and lose my progress

  • primalxconvoy

    1/ Shamesoft didn’t release the update for Android TV, which broke online play and stopped players from claiming rewards. The ONLY way to fix it was too sideload the upload.

    2/ “Updated” version includes crappy bikes with awful new stunts, creating a shoddy-framerated, poorer version of the excellent “Riptide GP: Renegades” (check it out at Google Play). Other “improvements” include removing the ability to sell upgrade cards clogging your inventory for cash and infesting the menu screen with pop-up adverts.

    3/ Asphalt Extreme is STILL broken on Android/Shield TV. It suffers from the “keyboard as controller 1” bug, meaning it’s impossible to play with a hardware controller. Emailing customer service gets you some copied and pasted drivel about Asphalt EIGHT instead, making their customer service USELESS.

    What a bunch of arse-candles they truly are.