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Space Harrier II is likely the next Sega Forever

Space Harrier II

It looks like Space Harrier II will be the next title to launch under the Sega Forever banner. It will likely launch on Android this Thursday given the last title, Golden Axe, launched on August 31st and they’re on a biweekly release cycle.

Space Harrier II is notable for being one of six launch titles for the Mega Drive. It’s kind of like an early endless runner but with bullet hell elements.

Space Harrier II will likely launch on Android this Thursday

You play as the superhuman Harrier, who returns to Fantasy Land to fight off an attacking force entirely by himself. He sounds like a bit of a lunatic to me.

In gameplay terms, you’ll run automatically through a level, dodging obstacles and shooting any fool who tries to stop you. Good luck with that.

Space Harrier II will likely launch this Thursday, September 14th on Android. We’ll keep you posted. To learn more about Sega Forever, check out the official site.

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