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The latest Humble Mobile Bundle is made in Korea

We’ll level with you: we’ve only played two of the games in the latest Humble Mobile Bundle.

However, that won’t stop us from unreservedly recommending that you buy the $1 tier at the very least.

For that miniscule sum you’ll get the SilverBullet, a massive and graphically rich twin-stick shooter that got rave reviews, and I.F.O., which looks like a bit like Luftrausers dressed up like an LCD game.

At the next tier (currently $4.89) you’ve got Dim Light, a horror game that was originally developed for VR, and Sally’s Law, which looks kind of rubbish but earned rave reviews so looks clearly aren’t everything.

Finally, at the top tier (currently $5, so there’s no reason whatsoever to stop at the previous tier) there’s Redden, a stylish game about assassinating people, Replica, an award-winning adventure game, and 6180 the Moon, a well-received platformer that’s getting its Android debut.

Go here for the latest Humble Mobile Bundle.

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