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Age of Giants on Android is the most epic fantasy tower defence game imaginable

The final season of Game of Thrones promises to be the epic fantasy showdown to end all epic fantasy showdowns. It’ll make the Battle of Five Armies from Lord of the Rings look like a playground scrap.

But that could be two years away.

That’s where Age of Giants comes in. This polished tower defence game from developer Astrobot has every conceivable fantasy base covered, and it’s as epic as they come.

The story of the Age of Giants

Age of Giants

Let’s start with the backstory. A long, long time ago the kingdom of man was locked in conflict with orcs, demons, and various other magical baddies in a war that lasted decades. Only by enlisting the help of giants and elves was mankind able to prevail.

But only for a while. Scouts patrolling the edges of man’s kingdom report that demonic forces are massing, and it’s only a matter of time before they march on your territory.

And here they come! By carefully deploying and upgrading seven different types of tower you have to hold back the demon invasion, cutting down frost witches, cursed behemoths, slime spiders, wyverns, and even “battle machines”.

Tool up

You have ranged and close quarters weaponry at your disposal, including archers, bazookas, catapults, and more. You need to choose their locations carefully to maximise the damage you inflict on the demon army.

With 30 levels, three distinct heroes, three customisable Defender giants, five territories, boss battles, and five different difficult levels to work through, Age of Giants is absolutely brimming with content and fresh ideas.

Download it for free on Google Play right now. You can even check out the game’s official site here.




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  • Drb00t

    the best features are an always loved energy system and constant reminders of IAP. truly EPIC. 😛

    • naghihimutuc

      I don’t mind the ads but energy/stamina systems really grind my gears. It would be alright if they implemented something like 120% exp or gold until you run out of it but stopping your play outright when it all runs out and you have to watch a shit-ton of ads or pay for it is just a blatant cash grab.

  • 5sec ad after completing every stage. $#Q%$^*@#Q%$^*#Q(%&*

  • Tower defence genre; build and upgrade defending buildings and watch enemies walk slowly around while dying. So entertaining, so fun, so epic…. so passive.

  • Aaron Chen

    If you’re gonna do a sponsored post at least state it clearly in the article.

  • Noel Affonso

    This sure reads like a sponsored post/review to me, but don’t bother complaining guys – at least not if you expect an answer. The DroidGamer staff rarely, if ever, respond to legitimate criticisms in the comments. Also, WTF with the Game of Thrones comparison – just WTF.

    • I don’t know other people, but I don’t care if they have sponsored articles. They need to maintain the web some way. I just like to comment with my personal opinion about these games, which seem lame to me.