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There’s a Stranger Things Android game and it looks amazing

stranger things mobile

Out of nowhere, like a monster from another dimension, Stranger Things: The Game has appeared on the Google Play store, and it looks great.

Presumably intended to raise awareness of the series ahead of Stranger Things season two, which is due to hit Netflix later this month, Stranger Things: The Game is a retro top-down action adventure game that wouldn’t have looked entirely out of place in its historical setting of 1984.

You get to play as Hopper and co. in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. The game sees you completing a VHS library, unlocking characters, solving puzzles, and of course visiting the dreaded Upside Down.

There are two difficulty levels, carefully calibrated for people raised before and after games got ridiculously easy, and various items to collect. The press release also teases, “never-before-seen-footage of Season 2”.

So what are you waiting for? Get going!

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  • Funem

    Looks good and looks free. A good combination.

  • mrjeffjackson

    Link to APK? Not live in Canada yet. 🙁

  • WhoaManWtF

    This game is actually surprisingly fun!

  • HereWeShare
  • Brute Fours

    This looks so good that it’s got me very suspicious. Fun game… for free… with no ads or IAPs (according to Google Play)… What’s the catch? What’s going on here?