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Alt-G is a puzzle game about lateral thinking (and sometimes straight up cheating)

It can be hard to come up with new ideas in the puzzle game genre, so we’re pleased that developer Alt-G is making an effort with its game, erm, Alt-G.

The studio and the game have the same name? Is that a lateral thinking puzzle? Probably not.

Anyway, the trailer for Alt-G illustrates what it’s all about. A green Android robot is in a noose above a bank of letters. Naturally you assume that you’re playing hangman, but no, you’re not. To free the robot you just cut him down with a swipe.

In another stage you spin a fruit machine, and if you don’t get the result you want you can just turn the barrels manually until the right symbol comes up.

Yes, it sounds like straight up cheating, but it’s all about thinking laterally. Alt-G is a pretty short game, but it’s free, and it’s trying something new. 

According the press release it’s out on October 26th. Except, in the UK at least, it’s out now. More lateral thinking? Maybe. Probably not.

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