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Niantech is holding a #PokemonGOcontest for Pokemon Go prizes

Pokemon Go is the most mainstream example of AR currently available, introducing a generation of compulsive hoarders and pretend monster enthusiasts to the joys of using a phone as a portal to another dimension.

Developer Niantech is hoping to encourage players to make the most of the technology by inviting them to take amusing pictures and enter them in a competition on Instagram, with the hashtag #pokemongocontest.

The competition has already attracted 13,737 entries at the time of writing. They include a picture of a Magicarp in an oven, a Charmander on a train, and a Pikachu in front of a Christmas tree. So that’s what you’re up against.

If you manage to get selected among the top 10 pictures you’ll win a, “Pokémon GO Prize Pack containing a Pokémon GO Plus, a poster autographed by the Pokémon GO team, and wireless Bluetooth earbuds.”

The competition closes on October 25th, so get snapping. Go here for full details.

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  • I don’t know about anyone else but i’m still playing this game. I think most of the players lost interest in this game since it very difficult to find Pokemon around your area

    I use pokemononmap . com to find Pokemon near my area. Now I have 2 snorlax and 1 zapdos and 5 pikachu.

    I even started using pokemononmap premium version and I am getting even more Pokemon and i’m loving it.

    Anyone here want to trade my five pikachu with one dragonite 🙂