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Shadowgun Legends has soft launched on Android

Shadowgun Legends Android

The highly anticipated multiplayer shooter Shadowgun Legends has finally entered soft launch on Android.

It features a single player campaign in which you battle off a bunch of aliens trying to make earth home. So if you’re into sci fi shooters you’ll bloody love this.

But really, Shadowgun Legends is a multiplayer shooter. You’ll create a character and customise nearly ever aspect from their appearance to their gear.

There are hundreds of different weapon and armour combinations, so it’s highly unlikely that no two warriors will look the same. You can even equip them with a range of different skills to match your play style.

Shadowgun Legends has entered soft launch on Android

It’s not just multiplayer either. If you’re the sort that prefers to fight alongside your friends, you can do so in raids and co op missions. Prepare to face some massive bosses though.

Wrapping it up is a hub where you can show off your gear and mess about with friends, and a fame system that presumably lets you show off how good you are.

We’re not sure exactly where Shadowgun Legends has soft launched, but go ahead and see if you can download it on Google Play.

If you can, please leave a note in the comments and we’ll update this story with a list of locations you can grab it in.

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  • Enrique Felipe Muñoz Bravo

    I tried to download it from Chile but it says it’s not compatible with any of my devices 🙁

    • primalxconvoy

      That’s a placeholder message for “not in your region”, used instead of “not in your region” sometimes.

  • BrokenSkullZero

    Hearing that its available in the netherlands via pocketgamer

    • Funem

      Not sure how as you cant install it without a confirmation email from Madfinger that you are part of the beta program

      • primalxconvoy

        I signed up for the beta but received no email.

      • primalxconvoy

        Aptoid has it, but it won’t connect to the server on my sideloaded version on my Shield TV.

  • madcanada

    Nothing in Canada 🙁

  • Funem

    When did it enter soft launch, its been in beta for ages now and I was in the first wave of beta and they just announced the second wave.

  • Mr Willow

    I remember the first game. It was a moderately priced Gears of War clone, that was damned good. But then like almost all mobile developers Madfinger was like “Nah, fuck those singleplayer types. Clueless dipshits will pay hand-over-fist for micro-transactions are where its at!”

    • Khairul Nizam Azharul

      At least the microtransaction is only for the cosmetic stuff for now. Hope they keep it that way.

  • primalxconvoy

    Not available in Japan.

  • Muneeb Zaman

    I got original apk ( not modded) from andropalace & now I can play this soft lanuch version in PAKISTAN… after playing hours I must say this game will be the Game Of the Year 🙂 … top notch graphics with outstanding game play… anxiously waiting for world wide release….
    Minimum android 6.0 required..

    • primalxconvoy

      Link for download, please.

      • Muneeb Zaman

        Sorry bro, soft launch / beta upadte 0.1.1 is now stop from Madfinger server.. we have to wait for world wide release…

  • GhiathTS

    Despite having frame drops even on note 8 but the game looks great even thought it’s still in beta