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Fire Emblem like JRPG The Alchemist Code is out now

The Alchemist Code Android

If you love strategic JRPGs, then we have a treat in store for you. The Alchemist Code will scratch that itch nicely, and it’s out right now on Android.

It’s a good looking game with turn based combat set on a grid, a variety of different units to boss about, and a bunch of different characters to summon.

The Alchemist Code is a tactical JRPG out now on Android

Well, specifically 50 characters to unlock, all of which have different jobs, classes, abilities, and outfits to mess with. You’ll feel right at home if you like JRPGs.

We don’t see enough of this on Android, but there’s also a bevvy of online options. You can play with up to three of your friends in co operative dungeons, or fight them in the arena.

There’s an awful lot to do here, from a story to witness, daily missions and challenges, and quests to complete. If that sounds like fun, go and grab The Alchemist Code from Google Play right now.

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  • Nex

    I’d compare this much more to Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactics Ogre than Fire Emblem, personally. From the art style to the story to the unit layout and customization, thus far it’s played almost exactly like a freemium, gacha-based version of War of the Lions, for all the good and bad that entails.

  • Mark Wolf

    Its gumi so you know its not gonna be f2p friendly.