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Monster Hunter Stories just launched on Android in Japan

Monster Hunter Stories Android

Monster Hunter Stories just launched out of nowhere on Android in Japan. We’re not sure if it’s coming west, but if you have a Japanese Google Play account you can get it right now.

It’s a more casual take on the Monster Hunter franchise that actually has a lot more in common with Pokemon. You’ll spend more time collecting eggs to hatch new monsters than gathering resources.

Monster Hunter Stories just randomly launched on Android in Japan

All of that’s still there though, just streamlined. You’ll still gather monster parts and resources lying around to upgrade your gear or buy new stuff.

The combat is completely different though. It’s turn based, and you have to choose between three different moves to attack your opponent. This is like rock, paper, and scissors, as each move is stronger against another.

We don’t want to spoil the entire experience for you though. If you’re interested, go and grab Monster Hunter Stories from the Japanese Google Play right now.

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  • WhoaManWtF

    Does it have English as an option?

    • Rohit Bhatia

      It’s also Hefty Size 2.5 GB worth of Download.

  • Mr Willow

    Gamers: Please, give us a mobile Monster Hunter! Capcom: Here’s a bastardized thing that we’re slapping the MH name on. Enjoy your monkey paw wish!

  • Nintendo is doing it right. People want real games, not time wasters!

  • ahmed abo solb

    No real games for mobile

  • Anomynous

    Hope this won’t get canceled like the english version of monster hunter explore