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Nintendo is porting Wii games in HD to NVIDIA Shield

New Super Mario Bros. Android Wii

In a move that no one thought it would ever make, Nintendo is porting Wii games in HD to a none Nintendo platform: the NVIDIA Shield.

Sure, Nintendo has released games on mobile this year. But they were bite size versions of core franchises. Basically tasters to get you to buy a Switch or 3DS and play the real thing.

What’s also bizarre, is that Nintendo is porting these classics in HD. Traditionally, the games giant hasn’t messed around with older games and released them in the original resolution and aspect ratio.

Nintendo has released Wii games in HD on NVIDIA Shield in China

We’re certainly not complaining though. With Nintendo’s signature visual style intact, the games will likely look fantastic even today with a simple nudge towards HD.

Sadly, the ports are only available in China right now. Hopefully Nintendo and NVIDIA will see sense and release them in all territories before long though.

Right now, you can play New Super Mario Bros.The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Punch-Out! Each cost around $10 as well, and we’ll keep you posted if we learn more.

As reported in The Verge.

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  • Mr Willow

    This isn’t the first time Nintendo has marketed their older games to the Chinese market, and it makes financial sense. China’s gaming public doesn’t have it very easy over there. Most consoles never see official releases in China, do to their complete disregard for copyright laws. Its always 10000000000000 in 1 Famiclones and Chintendo Vii systems over there.

    • Funem

      They did this with the iQue Player, which played N64 games. The console didn’t appear outside China I believe.

  • Funem

    I believe these are not ports, they are running from NVidia’s GeForce now game streaming platform and are not running natively on Android. Which is a shame.

    • primalxconvoy

      Rumours of this were reported a while ago, but I really want to see evidence of apk files. Drastic isn’t exactly the best emulator in the world…

    • primalxconvoy
      • Funem

        NVidia have just announced they are not via GeForce now after all but are ports.

        • primalxconvoy

          You’re right! Can’t wait to buy/sideloaded those apks!

          “A representative from NVIDIA has informed us that the GeForce Now references on the company’s Chinese site were erroneous, and all of these games are native ports after all, not streaming over GeForce Now. At the time of this update, all game pages outside of Paladin 5 are 404ing, presumably while NVIDIA fixes the errors.”

          (Source: – Android Police, as above)

  • jon

    If they released Donkey Kong country Returns and the WiiU sequel tropical freeze, it buy a Shield so fast.