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Tencent has announced an Android beta for PUBG

PUBG Android

Tencent has just announced an Android beta for PUBG, due to start very soon. All you have to do to get in with a chance of joining is to pre register right here.

We’re not sure exactly when, but Tencent will soon randomly select participants from all those that pre registered.

Tencent will soon hold a beta for PUBG on mobile

PUBG is a battle royale shooter that’s currently all the rage on PC and Xbox One. Tencent announced a mobile version towards the end of last year, and we saw the first gameplay footage recently.

And it looks like the real deal. Sure, the visuals aren’t quite as nice as the core version but then you have to compromise on mobile. What we really want to know is how it handles.

Sign up for the beta and you might well find out soon enough. If you get in, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Theodoros Alexopoulos

    How to pre register though…? I don’t understand the language of the link you posted..

    • Predator04

      lol right..

      • Theodoros Alexopoulos

        If anyone gets it to work it would be really nice if he could help us out here.

        • Bernard TAM

          Was able to get through SMS verification; now it says I’m enrolled and I have to wait. Join Discord for details, no strings attached, I just don’t want this method to be stolen without credit:

    • Khairul Nizam Azharul

      I think you press on the box with parachute thing and choose between QQ and wechat. Doesnt seem to get it to work though.

  • This seems to be a nice game though..

  • huckjam

    How do you register it seems like the author of this article may have figured it out how about a clue because this pubg website is garbage. You do realize you wrote this article in english and posted a link in whatever the hell this is right?

  • Shuk

    I would recommend Netease version of PUBG, it’s the best replica and there’s weekly updates.

  • Predator04

    I was able to do everything. then got to the point were it asks for phone verification but i never get the text.

    • huckjam

      me too i tried with and without country code but never get the text either on my google voice or carrier number. Usually these Chinese websites once you add the country code your alright and will get the text but not this time.