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Mika Mobile has teased the first hero from Battleheart 2

Battleheart 2 Android

Battleheart 2 is coming soon and to build hype for the strategic RPG, Mika Mobile is teasing the heroes. The first is Natsuko, a samurai like sword fighter.

Natsuko was left behind by her family as a child, so was raised by a wandering ronin who taught her how to use a sword. She serves as a tank, but doesn’t wear heavy armour and instead relies on mobility to survive.

Battleheart 2 is coming out this year, and we learn more about hero Natsuko

Each hero has three primary abilities to unleash, and Natsuko is no different. She has counter, which allows her to become immune to attacks temporarily, and blade rush, which deals AoE damage in a line.

Her final ability, mortal strike, deals massive damage to a single opponent. It also causes them to bleed for eight seconds, which inflicts further damage. That’s a good one for bosses.

You can alter each ability with talents as well, perhaps making them last longer or deal more damage. You can learn more about Natsuko and Battleheart 2 on the official site.

Battleheart 2 will launch later this year but we’ll keep you posted as we learn more about each of the 12 heroes.

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  • Drb00t

    let’s see how quickly they abandon this game after release like all the others they make

  • Foodie 3215

    He like to do a cash grab and then abandon Android. I don’t trust this dev. He’s an Apple doucebag and not likely give him any of my money.

  • Shuk

    *reads bio*:”Abandoned by her family as a child…”
    That’s the story of this developer’s games, right?