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Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is out now on Android

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Android

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition has finally launched on Android, following its announcement late last year. Square Enix has shrunk it down for mobile in a chibi style.

You only have to tap to play it as well. That includes walking, talking to NPCs, and battling the various monsters you face on your quest.

You can grab Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition on Android right now

The story’s the same as well. You play as Noctis, the prince of Lucis, who is on his way to wed Lunafreya in a peace treaty between Lucis and Niflheim.

It’s episodic, and the first episode is absolutely free. You can then purchase and download nine more episodes if you enjoy it and want to complete the quest.

So you’ve really got nothing to lose by heading on over to Google Play right now and downloading it.

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  • An excellent port: FFXV Pocket is as bad as the original FFXV

  • Shuk

    The pricing is the only thing close enough to the other FF games.

  • primalxconvoy

    This can be played, on the highest graphical settings, via a mouse, on Shield TV. You will need to change the settings when you get the chance, as it will not default to the highest graphical settings. However, it is still a bit jerky, in places, which is odd as the Shield has arguably the most powerful graphics chip for Android.

    You can sideload this from APKpure.