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Pre-register for Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition now

Street Fighter IV Android

You can now pre-register for Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition, an upcoming Android version of Capcom’s hit fighting franchise.

This entry actually launched on iOS last year, but has taken its sweet time making the transition to Android. Still, if you love the franchise it’s better late than never.

It’s basically a watered down version of the console version. All of your favourite fighters return as well, so you can Hadouken to your heart’s content.

So go ahead and pre-register for Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition right now on Capcom’s official site. You’ve got nothing to lose really.

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  • Michal Švarc

    Instabuy for me. I am sick of these retarded fighting games (tap to light attack, swipe to medium attack, lots of iap etc.).
    I hope they won’t screw it

    • Armaan Modi

      Do you like ShadowFight?

  • I just hope the multiplayer is worth the wait


    I hope they revamp the graphics. I have it on iOS but haven’t played it in years because I switched back to Android. It’s pretty much a full fledged SF4 game.