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Year of the Raven is about to begin in Hearthstone


Hearthstone is about to get a series of massive new expansion that looks set to completely revitalise it. The Year of the Raven is a series of three expansions that will launch over the next 12 months.

Though we don’t know exactly what’s to come, we do know a few things. First, a bunch of cards will head off to retirement, including Ice Block and Coldlight Oracle.

Year of the Raven is an upcoming expansion series for Hearthstone

Also, a much requested feature will finally enter the fray: a tournament mode. This doesn’t appear to be for esports, but it should more than satisfy those who just want to play with friends.

Rounding up this new list of features is a revamp to the daily quest system, which will see you get far greater rewards than before, and a new class skin for the druid/

You can learn more about the Year of the Raven expansion series on the official site. There’s a nice new blog post on there detailing much of this.

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