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It’s Destiny! Shadowgun Legends will launch March 22

Shadowgun Legends Android

Madfinger Games has just announced that its upcoming Destiny-like shooter Shadowgun Legends will launch globally on Android this coming March 22. It feels like we’ve been waiting on this forever, so we’re super glad it’s finally got a date.

Shadowgun Legends is a FPS in which you battle against friends and enemies alike in a variety of arenas. There are new weapons to grab, equipment to unlock, and a variety of cosmetic options to show off.

Shadowgun Legends has a March 22 release date

Much like Destiny, there’s a hub world in which you can run around showing off your cool gear to all and sundry. You can also make friends (and enemies!) here if you so wish.

It’s not just competitive multiplayer though. There’s a single player campaign to battle your way through, as well as a few cooperative options if you want to play with friends, rather than against them.

If that sounds like a lot of fun to you, there’s not long to wait. Head on over to Google Play to pre-register right now and grab it as soon as it launches on March 22.

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  • justinnickovtime

    Will this have gamepad support?

    • primalxconvoy


  • primalxconvoy

    I’m sure this will have gamepad support, but I doubt I’ll play it that much. From what I’ve read of the beta, it starts to feature similar, repeated mission types, similar enemies, all the while the P2W grind-fest will kick-in after a certain time. I’ll probably install it on my Shield TV and phone, as a tech demo and play it every now and then (like with Asphalt 8).

    • Samson Jp

      It’s not pay to win and the game is Repetitive because it’s in beta and a lot of the features are locked for the final launch so everyone is on the same stage in a way. They don’t want beta users being way ahead in the game than new users. Also the mission has 200 missions and than there us co-op and multiplayer team with many other things u can do

      • primalxconvoy

        It IS pay to win. It’s basically just Asphalt 8 with better graphics and new tracks. P2W games require constant purchases and/or grinding to progress past a certain point.

        • Samson Jp

          Lol sounds like your calling every game that have in app purchase a pay to win. I was in the beta didn’t look like it was to pay to win the only thing that paid for was the
          cosmetics which anyone eyes isn’t pay to win since its not messing with you progressing in the long run. Lol did I mention that there is many ways to get rewarded in the game. Also side note I only purchased what I did because I wanted to support them.

  • Grzegorz Sobczyk

    game should be called: lets be lazy and don’t release even if game is ready 🙂