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Netease has made a mobile Fortnite clone called FortCraft

FortCraft Fortnite NetEase Android

NetEase is at it again. Recently, the publisher released Rules of Survival and Knives Out on Android and they both looked remarkably similar. That’s because they were both PUBG clones.

This time though, NetEase has released a Fortnite clone called FortCraft. We tried really hard, but couldn’t think of a more cynical name than that. So I guess we should give NetEase kudos for that? No?

NetEase has released Fortnite clone FortCraft on Android

If you’re familiar with FortniteFortCraft (sigh) needs no introduction. It has the same cartoon visuals, same whacky gameplay, and the same objectives.

You have to try and survive as long as you can against 99 other players in an enormous arena. The arena periodically shrinks though, so you have to try and adapt to your new surroundings.

There are a bunch of different ways to play. You could hide, go in guns blazing, or team up with a few friends and try and survive in a group. Either way, go and check out FortCraft on Google Play right now.

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  • Binocry

    Better wait original games from epic lol

    • Aayush Pradhan

      ya , cause it will be shit…

  • primalxconvoy

    Thankfully, this POS P2W app is geoblocked in Japan.

  • Shuk

    Tried it. It’s quite fun actually! All purchases are purely aesthetics and give no edge whatsoever. A round can give you around 500 coins if you finish b/w 25th and 35th and playing like 10 rounds allows you to buy quite a nice variety of skins.