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CHRONO MA:GIA is out on Android in certain territories


CHRONO MA:GIA is a brand new competitive card battler that’s out right now on Android. Well, not globally – it’s actually only out in North America, Australia, and Japan.

There doesn’t seem to be an awful lot unique about it, but that might not be a huge problem. It seems very polished, with all of the features you’d hope for in a card battler.

Card battler CHRONO MA:GIA is out now in select territories

You’ll pick a character, build a deck completely without restrictions, and equip skills to help give you an advantage. There’s a lot of depth here for those that like that sort of thing.

For us, the best feature is the ability to play it while holding your phone vertically. That’s not actually that common in this genre, and opens it up to play while you’re commuting.

If you’re in one of the release territories, you might as well check out CHRONO MA:GIA right now on Android. You probably won’t regret it if you love the genre.

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  • Zewks

    Just FYI… according to several reviews:

    ” if you read the privacy policy, they have given themselves rights to obtain your SSN and all billing information, etc and give it to anyone they want, and they specifically added a clause to clarify that that includes to people/businesses in other countries”

    “Why do you need my ssn and personal home address?”

    “Not even going to try b/c of the clause in the policy that allows them to sell my identity.”

    “Why do we have to agree to a policy that lets them get access to our SSN and able to sell it off and use it how they please?”

    Havent read the policy myself…so “buyer beware” or at least… be cautious.