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Left 4 Dead meets Fortnite in Gameloft’s Dead Rivals

Dead Rivals Android

Gameloft’s hotly-anticipated zombie shooter Dead Rivals is finally out on Android. We’re not sure why, but the prolific developer released it completely without fanfare.

You could describe the shooter as a video game supergroup, and you’d be right. Take a glance at it, and you can clearly see that it takes a ton of inspiration from Fortnite and Left 4 Dead.

Gameloft’s zombie shooter Dead Rivals is out now on Android

That’s two heavy hitters right there, and if you haven’t already went to grab it from Google Play, you probably don’t have a soul.

Or, you might just not have heard of them. We’re not sure how that’s possible, but we’ll describe Dead Rivals to you anyway. It’s a multiplayer zombie shooter. Need we say more?

Just head on over to Google Play right now, grab it and a few friends, and go and blast zombie’s heads off together. Seriously, you’ll love it.

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  • Grzegorz Sobczyk

    its unplayable now..don’t be too happy…servers barely works..lag is often closes without reason..only at late hours you will be able to play longer then 5 minutes without DC

  • Funem

    Is this an open wallet, I mean open world game……

    • Th3orY

      It is an open wallet…game

      • Funem


    • huckjam

      I just laughed so hard at this comment

  • Christian Ortiz

    it plays nothing like left 4 dead

    • balls

      Or fortnite, the articles on this site are usually 100% BS.

  • Rouge_Xvil

    As long as there will be sites without any objectivity like this one, mobile gaming will stay far, far away from console and pc. I mean do you ever try the app before saying “good news guys, some shitty game came out, so what are u waiting for ?” Lol i hope ur articles are made by bots or else its just the worst journalistic skill ive ever seen in my entire life lol

    • Funem

      In this case, its not a bot.

    • 3 comments and all of them whining like a baby. If a shitty news story about a shitty game gets you this jacked up, I wonder what will happen if you ever have a real problem.

      If you don’t like the content on this site, do us all a favour and get your news elsewhere. We can certainly do without your pointless moaning.

  • Angelo Zhu

    the game itself sucks. shooter where u merely press the shoot button. auto quest but its bugged and constantly walkin into walls. 0 talk to other players for the first 10 hours of gameplay.