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Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is on sale right now

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Android

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is on sale right now on Android. You can get all episodes for much less than they cost usually, because that’s how sales work.

It’s well worth it as well. Though you may balk at the price even when it’s on sale, this is literally the full experience on mobile. Well, it’s like an on rails version.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is on sale on Android right now

There’s a bit less exploration. You can’t just go and explore the entire world like in its console big brother, but the combat remains pretty much intact. We’d even go so far as to say its better.

The perk system definitely is. What was a confusing mess in the console version is a refined and polished system in the mobile one.

So whether you’ve played Final Fantasy XV before or not, you should definitely check out the mobile version. There’s no excuse now that it’s on sale. Go grab it on Google Play.

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  • WhoaManWtF

    How much is it on sale for?