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Dragon Nest M has launched on Android

Dragon Nest M Android

Dragon Nest M, the mobile version of the hit PC MMORPG, has just launched on Android. The problem is, we’re not sure exactly where.

The title seems to suggest just in south east Asia, but there have been reports on Reddit that it has launched in other territories.

Dragon Nest M is out now on Android

Unlike Lineage 2 and Flyff Legacy, it seems like you can’t just play Dragon Nest M on autopilot. That might be very good news for those that are sick of autoplaying mechanics.

For those that have no idea what Dragon Nest is, it’s an MMORPG that takes inspiration from anime. You’ll dress in elaborate costumes and run around beating up dragons and stuff.

If that sounds like fun to you, or you want to play Dragon Nest M, head on over to Google Play to grab it right now. Remember, it may not be available in your territory, but if it is, please drop a comment and let us know.

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