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NetEase’s Fortnite clone Project: Battle is in alpha

Project: Battle Android

NetEase is at it again with a brand new clone, this time of Fortnite. It goes by the title Project: Battle, and features the same cartoon visuals and building.

To be fair to it though, there are some new features here. There are air, land, and sea vehicles to help you get around faster, and you can climb stuff. Fortnite feels a little slow by comparison.

Project: Battle is the latest battle royale clone from NetEase

Another new feature is tactical camouflage, which lets you hide from your opponents. Building even has more purpose than just crafting bases. You can build a radar, for example, that lets you see your enemies.\

Judging from the Google Play description, it seems that you don’t have to gather a ton fo different materials. You can build everything using quantum cube energy, and gather it by breaking anything in the game down.

So it’s only a matter of time before we learn whether or not Project: Battle can put a dent in Fortnite. For now, you can check out the game, which is now available in alpha until May 24th.

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