Hardware News

G2 gets full root at long last



XDA – a long running online community known best for their persistence in hacking smartphones has officially prevailed over the notoriously difficult to crack HTC G2. Just a month after it’s release HTC’s complex anti-hacking software (and hardware, apparently) has been rendered useless. A full guide can be found after the break, if you don’t mind taking a 500 dollar leap of faith.

Game News

Hexage HD games now available and on sale!

Hexage has been developing games for Android for awhile now and every single one of them have been great games. Following the release of their most recent game, EVAC, Hexage has also launched their games in HD versions for HD phones and the upcoming Galaxy Tablet. What’s eben better is to celebrate the launch of HD titles, all of them are on sale!

Hardware News

Game Gripper now available for the Droid2

Good news for all your avid gamers who own a Droid2 Android phone, especially if you play a lot of games using emulators. Game Gripper has now made a version of their awesome little add-on for the Droid2 phone. If you haven’t used one of these yet, they are one of the better little add-ons you can buy for your gaming needs.