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Android 2.2 and Gaming

With the recent news surfacing about Android 2.2 (Froyo) already being tested live, thanks to some statistics posted by Taylor over at Android and Me, the question for all us game fans that arises is pretty obvious: What does this mean for gaming with Android devices? This is a good question especially since the recent update to the Android NDK.

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Multi-Game Giveaway Is Over

Our multi-game giveaway week has come to a close finally and it was a huge success! A lot of people won prizes and while this giveaway is over, we are already gearing up to announce our new one coming up shortly! As I mentioned the other day, any unclaimed prizes from this will be tossed back into the pot and we are going to blitz them out tomorrow!

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Zenonia Free Now Available

So you’ve heard all the news about Zenonia by Gamevil, read the reviews, some guides and maybe even talked to a few people who have the game and still you are not totally sure whether or not you want to go buy it. Well now you can get some hands-on treatment with Zenonia thanks to Gamevil releasing a free version onto the Android market.

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Space STG Strategy Game

Since I’m currently on the topic of strategy games after my last post about Pocket Empires, I decided to post about Space STG, developed by Grzegorz Mackiewicz, which is also a real-time strategy game of the non-MMO variety. In this game you control fleets of space fighters, control planetary defense and economies while conquering other enemy planets.

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Pocket Empires MMO Update

If you haven’t yet had the chance to play Pocket Empires, developed by Pocket Play, now is a good time to go grab it off the market after the recent updates. These include another server opening up as well as unit balancing issues being worked out. Before the update in regards to unit balancing, archers were rather over-powered but that has changed now.

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We are back!

Well as you may or may not have noticed over the past few days there was a lack of news being posted on our site. This is due to my hard drive taking a permanent vacation. However everything was backed up and now with new gear and even more back up security, any future issues that could possibly arise will only result in a slight hiccup if any.

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AutoTrafego, developed by Speknid & Neato Code, is a traffic control game but not exactly how you think it would be. Instead of drawing lines to direct traffic like previous games such as Flight Director, Flying Aces or any other traffic control game out for Android, your only task is to control the traffic lights, ensuring that traffic is flowing smoothly.

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Game Giveaway Last Day!

Today is the last day we are doing our multi-game giveaway and I have to say it has been a great success! A lot of people have won so far and today will be no exception from that. We still have people who need to get in touch with me to claim their prizes and we still have a lot more to giveaway so if you haven’t entered yet, there is still time!

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Droid REALLY Does Games Now

Alright I know the whole title with Droid Does is getting played out now but I think for this little bit of news it’s fitting. Droid owners, have in the past, complained about the games and controls, especially when trying to use a D-Pad style button setup with your keyboard. Well there is a solution and for $15 you’ll get yourself a physical D-Pad for your Droid.

Game Reviews

Revolution 2217 Review

In the wide world of Space Invader style games that exists on the Android market, to differ from the rest of them you have to be able to offer up a unique experience, fun addictive game play and some good eye candy. A lot of the games in this genre fall short in one form or another. Revolution 2217, developed by ToJam Games is an attempt to change that.