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Clockwork: A Steampunk Inspired World Full of Puzzles and Intrigue

Game developer Gamesoft PTY, LTD, which is based in Sydney, and not to be confused with Gameloft, which is based in Paris, France, has a new game coming to PC, consoles, and mobile devices later this year. Working with publisher Appsquare, which is also based in Sydney, Gamesoft is developing a game that is set in a Steampunk-inspired world. Clockwork will challenge your mind and game-playing skills. It has an intriguing story, puzzles, and platforming.

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Big Blue Bubble releases Dark Incursion, can make use of your old 3D glasses too

Big Blue Bubble, developers of Burn The Rope and other fun games, have released another title we mentioned would be on it’s way to Android in November. Although slightly late on release, Dark Incursion is a great retro-style Steampunk themed side-scrolling hack n; slash game for Android. It can also make use of those old 3D glasses you may have laying around.

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Big Blue Bubble unleashing three more games next month: Dark Incursion, Fling A Thing and Hamster Cannon

Yesterday we mentioned that Big Blue Bubble would be dropping the sequel to their hit puzzle game Burn the Rope called Burn the Rope: Worlds. Well a couple of days ago we noticed that they had released a new game onto iOS called Dark Incursion which we previously mentioned back in August as being one of five upcoming games they would be releasing on Android soon.