Google fixes Google Play bugs with 3.5.16 update

Google fixes Google Play bugs with 3.5.16 update


At the end of March, some Android users noticed the Google Play app was having some issues. In some cases, Google Play would not display the apps they paid for. Google Play also started to force close more than usual. Although these bugs weren't experienced by everyone, Google still rolled out an update to Google Play to resolve these issues.

Google Play is now running on version 3.5.16. Google is currently pushing this update to Android devices. Unless you're staring at your screen constantly, Google Play may update without you even noticing. You can either wait for the update to come around to you, or you can download the .apk file from Android Police.

Other than the aforementioned bug fixes, I haven't been able to spot any new features in version 3.5.16. If you've had problems with disappearing apps in the past, let us know if the update helped you out.

Website Referenced: Android Police

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