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Review – The Great Land Grab


Our first review is of a pretty interesting and fun game called The Great Land Grab or TGLG for short developed by TGLG Corp.

The Game In A Nutshell: The idea of the game is to claim the land (via GPS) that you are located in. As you travel you can claim more lands or try to grab the land owned by someone else.


– Location Based Game (using GPS)

– Lawyers and Building Permits: Lawyers allow you to buy other parcels of land near you. Building Permits allow you to build stores on your land and change for items such as Flares and Spooks.

– Exclusive Offers from businesses near you. Real Life businesses can advertise inside the game and can offer special deals and discounts to players.

– Top Rankings (divided between USA and Europe, updated nightly): Most Money, Most Land Parcels, Most Expensive Land, Total Land Value, Shop Keep, Spectral Thief.

– Prizes (Coming soon) as well as in-game prizes (already implemented)

– Very Active Community

There’s plenty of help available both on the official site and within the Community. So if you are having trouble, there’s info available and people to ask but you shouldn’t need to.

The game itself is pretty fun, sort of a mix between Sim City (without a lot of building) and Risk (without a whole lot of fighting). Spooks are used to protect your land. Flares are used to scare Spooks away. Gameplay itself is pretty straightforward and the game can be played with minimal knowledge right off from install.

Land is denoted by color. Blue is empty land, yellow and red are owned lands but changes per user or land value. To buy/claim a parcel of land you just press on the section you want, select buy and it’s yours. You’ll have options for buying lawyers, setting up a store and Spooks to protect your land. You make money from rent and store, also as people pass through your land. I’m still not 100% sure what exactly Chase Mode (top right button) is suppose to do.

The graphics are pretty simple which is to be expected of a location based game. You have to be occupying the section you want to buy unless you have lawyers. This is the kind of game you play when running errands, running to the store or on a trip. If you are expecting a lot of action then I wouldn’t suggest this, or any other location based games since you actually need to be where your icon is on the map.


– It’s a great idea and can be played over time as you travel so re-playability is high. Anyone can play it.

– Exclusive Offers from real businesses near you is a great idea although I didn’t find any just yet near me.

– Good for passing the time, especially on long trips.

– A lot of room for more features over time.


– Regardless if you are using GPS or Wifi/wireless location, you’ll have to deal with it using more battery power then normal.

– Getting your location can be a bit wonky at times. I didn’t have a problem with it, but some people seem to have this issue.

Grey Area:

It could use more features, perhaps more building types, more interaction with the game. Not really a deal break, not a Con nor a Pro for this game. Just an area that could use improving which I’m sure the developer is planning on doing.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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