Day: 14 March 2010


Defend Homeland

Defend Homeland by ESC Mobile is a Command & Conquer style game that just came out. Only the demo version is available with limited options but even that is fun to play. This is really the first game done in this style of play (RTS) that I’ve seen on the Android market that has caught my eye.


Full Namco Force

Namco recently mentioned that they like the Android platform and are confident in the future commercial success of it. To reinforce this they are willing to throw brands names and resources at Android and could possibly be the first major developer to fully embrace Android as a gaming platform.


Unreal Engine iPhone Preview

Alright before everyone goes WTF!? because the title says iPhone and not Android let me explain. I’m only referencing the iPhone because there is a video showing game play on the iPhone with the Unreal Engine and using that to show what we can expect for Android devices, it’ll be similar quality, if not better by the time the engine comes out for Android.


Toss It!

In the tradition of office basketball where we make a basketball out of crumpled up paper and our baskets being garbage cans comes Toss It by Boolba Labs. Toss it eliminates two problems that generally happens when office basketball is being played: 1) The obscene waste of paper 2) The pointless attempts at telling your boss that you weren’t playing office basketball when they walk over and see 50 some odd balls of crumpled paper all over the floor.