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Counter-Strike Training

Ready to improve your twitch gaming style to it’s fullest? Well this game doesn’t really help with that. However, if you want a pretty decent gallery shooting style game using characters from CS then you’ll probably enjoy CounterStrike Training by Calford. It’s a pretty simple but enjoyable tap game where you tap the screen to shoot people.

Tapping the screen shots the CS characters but don’t shoot the civilians or you’ll lose health. Along the way you’ll be able to shoot medpacks to heal up a bit of your health bar should you get shot or shoot a civilian. The longer you last, the harder it gets with more enemies coming out from behind boxes or between doorways.

The graphics aren’t spectacular but they don’t need to be really. The game is responsive, enjoyable, comes with Global high scores and available on the Android market for Free (ad supported). So if you want to get your CS fix but are traveling on the road, this is one way to sort of get it.

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