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LineUp by LabPixies

Block Breaking games (tap a block that has 3 or more matching colored adjacent to it) don’t really stand out in quality usually however LineUp by LabPixies is one of the few exceptions. It’s been out for just over a month on the Android market and it’s too bad I just found it now because it was updated instead of when it was released.

This game is a very addicting Block Breaker but unlike most Block Breaking games, this one has very nice graphics, very smooth game play and on my G1 had zero lag which is always nice but rarely ever happens.

LineUp has a couple unique features along side the standard global high scoreboard:

– Limited amount of taps. You have a set amount of taps you can use in a given speed cycle which add a new level of difficulty to this type of game where as the rest usually just give you unlimited taps.

– Addition blocks appear from underneath ever few seconds so the game play is continuous until you either lose by using up your taps or getting your blocks too high.

– You can also challenge a friend.

The game is free but ad supported although the ads don’t bother the game play in any way. If you like the Block Break style of games but are tired of the typical game play that they offer, this is a good alternative to the norm. Definitely worth giving a shot at. LabPixies have some other good games in similar style that you can check out as well.

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Developer Website: LabPixies

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