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Online Spill is more of an application then a game as it’s an Android Alternative Market app (listed in the games section) that deals strictly in games. You can purchase the full version of some big named titles like Sims 3, Guitar Hero World Tour, Bejeweled just to name a few. However, this is strictly geared towards Norwegian Android owners since you need to have a Norwegian Sim Card in your phone to use it.

In reality it’s not even really an app but a link in your app tray taking you to the developer’s online store. I couldn’t get past the initial page because I don’t have a Norwegian Sim Card (considering I’m in the USA) and I’m not really sure how this was pulled off whether it was through an exclusive contract with the developers of the games that are listed or if the developers themselves just list the game on there like any other Android market alternative. Hopefully it’s not someone basically pirating the games and trying to sell them.

If anyone is from Norway (or has a Norwegian Sim Card) and can use/read this app would you please let me know more about the layout and descriptions and payment methods so I can update this article with a bit more information.

I’m not surprised another android alternative market has shown up, even if it is isolated to one region. This is going to continue to happen until there is more unification in the market, more countries on board with paid apps (hopefully this happens at a much quicker pace then it has been) and an actual Android Store front accessible via the web.

Some Norwegian Sim cards that work with this include Telenor, djuice, NetCom, Tele 2, Onecall and more.

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Website: Online Spill/Telenor

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