Day: 6 April 2010


No Games for S.Korea

While today is a great day for Droid Gamers and our contest and everyone else seems to be having a great day, Android users in S.Korea, especially the game loving ones, got some bad news today. The Android market will NOT include games in S.Korea! This is a ‘compromise’ basically because the Android market had a possibility of being blocked in S.Korea.


Giveaway Starts Today!

I know I know I’ve been tagging everyone along with previews of the multi-game giveaway we are having but the wait is over! We are starting it today and it will last one week exactly with winners every day. There’s a few ways to enter which we will go over in just a second as well as what all the prizes are.


Game Updates

Well after taking two days off for Easter it’s time to dive right back into things and what better way to do that then to showcase some updates to some big gaming titles. We also got some major announcements to make today although I’ll save that for a post a little later. For now though, these games just got updates so if you have them, go get your updates!