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Weekend Recap/Upcoming News

So here we are on a fine Monday afternoon and it’s time to look back at what happened over this weekend when it comes to games and gaming on the Android platform. We will also take a look and what’s coming up for this week and there is a lot! It’s definitely going to be another busy week here at Droid Gamers and you’ll see why.

Weekend Releases and Updates:

Aroma Planning – My favorite developer to dislike has released yet more of those horrible touch games where you have a picture of some female bent over and your gain points by touching her hips and making them shake. Still hard at work defending your title of worst game developer it looks like.

Notable Game Updates – Wave Defense by Craig Hart, SpeedX 3D by Hyperbees, Mole Miner by Little Fluffy Toys LTD, SNesoid by Yongzh, Total Destruction by Micopower, and finally ExZeus Arcade by HyperDevbox.

Puzzle Background Games – The onslaught of puzzle games where you end up being able to use the completed picture in the puzzle as your phones background continues.

Droid Gamers Multi-Game Giveaway Week – Still going strong we had two new winners over the weekend on Saturday. Sunday I took the day off which means Monday (today) we will be announcing four new winners to make up for Sunday! If you haven’t entered there is still time as the contest ends Wednesday. For details check out our announcement of the contest.

Upcoming News, Announcements and Events:

Time for the good stuff! We’ve got more prizes to giveaway in our contest that we are doing to celebrate such a great month of growth here at Droid Gamers. On top of that we have a lot more game news and quick reviews like we enjoy doing every day plus a few full reviews on some great titles everyone is sure to enjoy!

We will also start hinting at our new contest coming up near the end of this month so keep your eyes open for that as well. You’ll also start to see the tutorials section start to get populated with some great tutorials based on game development. While on the subject of site development and content, the forums registration will solely be through the main site due to an issue with the current Captcha for the forums. To get an account, just register through the main Droid Gamers site, everything is synced up plus you’ll have access to all the cool member features we offer with more coming in the future!

Interviews, interviews, interviews! We got some great interviews we will be posting this week from some big companies who have been kind enough to take some time from their busy schedules to answer our questions! If you want to see an interview from a specific company, let us know!

Positions at Droid Gamers! That’s right, I’m looking for a couple writers and an artist. Writing positions will be for game reviews and general news articles while the artist will be responsible for coming up with a weekly comic strip. To apply, please either email me or use the Tip Us! form. You can find the link to the form located at the top right of the site (red box with the white ! in it).

Last but definitely not least, Droid Gamers will be opening up shop with some custom gear. What kind of gear you ask? You’ll have to wait and see!

So lot’s of stuff going on here at Droid Gamers so make yourself at home! We are still the best source for all your Android game and gaming needs!

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