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Space Challenge 3D

Space Challenge 3D, developed by Osaris Games, is a racing style game where you navigate your space ship, using the accelerometer, through different 3D levels within a certain amount of time using the accelerometer. Each ship that you can choose from has their pros and cons about them and there s no shortage of replay value for this game either.


  • 3 Different spaceships each with their own advantages
  • 20 Increasingly challenging levels
  • 5 Endurance modes (Infinite Levels)
  • Online Hall of Fame
  • Smooth 3D graphics
  • Tilt control

As you may have guessed, controlling your spaceship is done by tilting your phone in the direction you want to go. The graphics are quite good and render smoothly on the Nexus One and although that is a higher end phone, this game should run smoothly on just about any Android phone that is currently out right now.

If you like 3D games (who doesn’t) and especially the more racing oriented games then you’ll enjoy this game a lot. You can try out the Demo version which offers up 4 levels to try out before buying the full version, which is available on the Android market for around $2.20USD.

Developer Website: Osaris Games

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