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MySpace SDK for Android

This news comes as no surprise to us here at Droid Gamers, especially after we reported on ScoreLoop yesterday which had a feature that allows MySpace integration into Android games to help make them more social. Today MySpace announced officially that they are releasing their SDK for developers to use in their apps/games for Android.

This also comes as no surprise considering MySpace is attending Google I/O so what better time to announce the SDK for Android. iPhone, iPad and iTouch SDKs won’t be available until the 24th of May so Android got released first, should we read into that? Anyways..

MySpace SDK Features:

  • Login: Gives developers an integrated login UI allowing users to login to MySpace without leaving the app.  The SDK will provide the UI components and integration points for app developers to invoke login and ask for required permissions.
  • Update Status: Send status and mood updates to the current user’s profile.  This will simplify the status update process for app developers to send a simple message to update their status and choose a new mood.  If available, geo tags can be sent with the status update as well.
  • Get Friends: Returns a list of friends for the current user.  This will provide an array of standard user data for each friend (name, profile picture).
  • Upload Photo/Video: Uploads a photo that is on the device to the current user’s photo album or videos on their profile.

This means developers can now include the social aspects offered by MySpace into their apps and games. We already see a lot of games with Facebook and Twitter integration. According to the press release, they will be supporting and upgrading the SDKs quiet often and that 30% of traffic to MySpace comes from mobile devices!

It looks like MySpace is really trying to get back into the game to compete with Facebook and Twitter. The SDK is available for free to all developers and Myspace has an entire Wiki dedicated to the MySpace SDK for Android.  What does this mean for us gamers? Well if you have a MySpace page then you’ll enjoy the addition social networking that may or may not be included in the games you play. If you don’t have a MySpace page then this pretty much doesn’t matter at all aside from the fact this is just one more example of another major company supporting Android and hopefully more game developers see this.

You can also read our article about Scoreloop and their SDK they just released which already has MySpace added into it as a feature.

SDK Download and Wiki: MySpace SDK for Android

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