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Shoot Your Friends in Shoot U!

Shoot U! is a great physics drawing game by Camel Games which makes you draw various shapes before to accomplish your goal each stage. What is the goal? To shoot the little guy in each stage and make him land in some fashion on the star. While sounding simple it quickly gets difficult to pull off getting the little guy to the star. Now you can shoot your friends!

We got this little tip from Senaia1 over on twitter which is nice considering I have not had a moment to check the Android market yet today. According to the update you can now load up a photo of your friend, crop the picture and put it on the ragdoll’s head. Images are loaded from the SD card so make sure the picture(s) you want to use are located there.

So now you can blast away at your friends (or enemies) through all 90 levels of this great physics game. If you haven’t tried this game yet and you enjoy physics games then you should at least grab the Lite version and give it a shot. The full version features all 90 levels and no ads and is available on the Android market for $2.99USD. If you like this game you might also want to check out other titles by Camel Games such as Super Tumble.

Thanks for the tip Senaia1!

Developer Website: N/A

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