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Falling Domino

I think the developer for this game, Falling Domino, says it best in the game description: “Do you remember when we were kids, we used to arrange dozens of Domino tiles in long chains, and then toppled the first to make them all fall?”. I don’t know about anyone else but I remember doing that and now you can on your Android phone!

This nifty little 3D game, developed by Fun Android Apps, lets you stack dominoes in long chains and then knock the starting one over and follow the chain of as the fall over. This is about the best example of wasting time you could probably ask for. There is no high scores, no levels to beat, nothing. Just good domino falling fun!

There are different designs the dominoes can be as well and you have various controls to make life easier when stacking your dominoes such as rotate and zoom. There is no limit really to how you stack your dominoes either so you can really have some fun with this if you have a good imagination. Since this is such a simple game with very little features, this is a bit of a short write up about it. However, the fun factor and replay value are pretty high.

You can pick this great little time killer up off the Android market right now for $1.99USD and start stacking your dominoes right away. I would love t see some videos of designs everyone comes up with and then falling down so feel free to submit links in the comments and we will post them in our Gameplay video section!

Update June 14, 2010 12:44pm – This game does work on the donut build of Android however there is a lack of camera controls which will make this difficult to play. Thanks to Senaia1 via Twitter for the tip!

Developer Website: N/A

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